1677 Laundry Set
Lady Primrose

1677 Laundry Set

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1677 Fine Laundry Set includes Linen Wash and Softener infused with our 1677 scent.  Fine Linen Wash launders and cleans delicately while Softener conditions and softens, adding an additional layer of scent best used together.  

  • Infused with our 1677scent, white hue, a neutral scent profile  
  • Best start-to-finish results: use 1677 fabric softener or unscented dryer sheets for a longer-lasting scent.  Gentle on all fabrics, everyday use. 
  • All water temperatures: Hot for whites, light colors, cotton, linen.  Cold for darks, colors, and synthetics.  HE Machine, regular cycle: 1oz per load, up to 32 washes.  Highly concentrated | suitable for all laundry machines
  • BONUS 1677 Soap!  Finely crafted milled-cream soap that cleanses, moisturizes, deodorizes, and delicately scents skin
  • (2) plastic bottles | 32 oz Wash and 16 oz Softener | (1) 2.5oz soap
  • Eco-Friendly, biodegradable, no animal testing

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